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Dementia Diaries & Comic Relief

Thursday 26th February the Comic relief twitter feed will be taken over by people sharing their stories of dementia, sharing the realities of the disease and how they live with it. I have in my time nursed so many people who suffer this condition. Watched them struggle understanding the world around them, watch them reach to remember their loved ones and in turn watched the tears in the eyes of their families when that recognition doesn't come and the person they love slips away from them. It is heartbreaking to see and as frustrating as hell that there was nothing we could do! I … [Read More...]


Oh you pretty things – in the palm of my hand

It's Sonya's turn to host this week, and so it's treasures that fit in the palm of my hand! This series of posts has made me realise that as a family we are dangerously close to be hoarders! there is just too much to choose from, maybe I should do this de cluttering doodad everyone is talking about! ┬áBut then everything is special so maybe not..... oh god I am a hoarder aren't I?   My mums thread counter. A strange little thing, given to her by her floor manager at Harrods when she worked there in the early 1950's. With this she could check the thread count on the fabrics she … [Read More...]


Travels with my dad

I love spending time with my dad, he is a card! And for 83 surprisingly fit and active! So it was a complete pleasure to take him to Scotland last weekend to visit Splosh & Irish baby in their beautiful home in Blairgowrie. Mountains, snow, arsing about and lots & lots of laughing! There is of course always a touch of sadness that my mum never got to see their beautiful home, or even meet Irish baby for that matter - but I know she was there with us and laughing alongside all the fun! So here it is, a video memory of my long weekend in Scotland! Any chance you have to go … [Read More...]


Oh you pretty things – this week….. Socks!

Morning everyone! Welcome to another week in the riveting series - Oh you pretty things - this week......Socks! Why socks I here you ask? Well someone asked me late last week and I had to think quick, be witty, thought provoking and on the ball.... and this is what you get....Socks! But in my defence socks are an important item in my house, I am a great collector of the warm and fluffy variety, although to be fair the collection labelled 'odd ones' is a lot larger! For instance, I bought a packet of socks a few Christmases ago, a little gift for my beloved, days of the week socks … [Read More...]


Invisible Braces Compared: Your Best Options for Straighter Teeth

Many options are now available for patients who want beautiful smile without temporarily having to go through life with metal brackets. Patients can choose between inside braces, ceramic braces, Invisalign, and other options. Below is a full explanation of some of the less visible options that are available for patients in today's world. 1. Inside Braces Ordinary braces are positioned on the outside of a person's mouth to make them more accessible to doctors and easier to clean. However, many patients in today's world are choosing to get inside braces, which are known by specialists … [Read More...]