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Why should I stop shouting?

I've heard it time and again since Friday morning, "get over it - you lost" "stop going on about it, you can't change it now" "why don't people just accept the decision and move on" And I have to admit to be being just a little baffled by it all. So just to clarify, because the Conversatives "won" the election so I should stop disagreeing with their policies, stop being angry at the injustices I believe will be a fundamental part of their government.  (and I'm using the bunny ears on "won" because securing 36% of the vote is not reeeeeally winning in my opinon) Well thank you … [Read More...]


No more standing out in the rain!

Commonly heard over TeamSpeak up until 6 months ago “Hang on guys before we do this I just need to pop out for a ciggie” One of the less hazardous but tedious side effects of smoking is how often it effects my hobby time. Just getting into the flow of painting or model making – Stop for 10 minutes for a quick smoke. Getting into some intense online gaming with friends that has to stop so I can nip out for a cigarette. Disappearing every so often at a re-enactment to find a quiet corner for a gasper. Disturbing an intense bit of role-play at a larp so I can go for a smoke. Now this could … [Read More...]


Royal baby? don’t really care!

      So as a weekend of hype about the impending "Royal Birth" dawns, can I just point out - I don't give a shit! As a human being, I of course wish her well, a safe delivery and a healthy baby. As for her position in society and the attending news coverage, speculation and excitement? I find it nauseating! At a time when so many families are having to attend food banks to avoid their children going hungry, when thousands of people across the world face tyranny and persecution and schools system is crumbling from lack of funding and the stress on staff - why are we … [Read More...]

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5 things to teach your children

  My lovely blogging friend Michelle started a rather nice meme about teaching your children life lessons, so here is what we've always considered important!   1. Stand tall. Never let someone else get you down, never let someone else tell you that you're not worthy or not clever enough or not good enough! You are an amazing person, no one can ever tell you different! 2. Family is the most important thing in the world. Whether you are related by blood or by choice, your family are the people you choose to spend you time with. Love and nurture them because they are the … [Read More...]


You know your partner’s a roleplaying geek when……

I was inspired for this post by the very lovely Missie Lizzie who suffers the issues of a runner in the house! So in a similar vein, this is living with a roleplayer and wargamer! 1. They use more oven cleaner to strip paint off figures than you do on the oven. 2. Boxes and packaging are never thrown away, they make great scenery with some paint and flock in place. 3. You are the go to household for every fancy dress costume your friends ever need. 4. Every fancy dress party is planned like the D-Day landings. 5. Dice no longer just have six sides. 6. It's normal to … [Read More...]