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Take the slow road, save the planet

I read an article on line this week which really made me cross! It seems that the Green Party leader Natalie Bennett took a train instead of flying and it has outraged people! Well frankly their comments have in turn outraged me and the link to families not being able to have a holiday if budget airlines are taxed or flights are made more expensive is frankly ridiculous! Lets start with the whole taking a train idea - why the hell shouldn't she? I'm led to believe she paid for the trip herself - so why shouldn't she choose her own mode of transport? As she says, it gave her time to work … [Read More...]


A toasty cardgian

When Damart asked if I would review some clothes for them, I thought our recent trip to Scotland was the perfect opportunity to put them through their paces! I'm a sucker for a toasty cardigan - and this one seemed too good to turn down - a neutral colour, a long line to keep be warm down to my knees  and a simple design that won't look out of place on a city centre wander or a hike up a mountain!   And I certainly wasn't disappointed! The colour was really lovely and with little coloured flecks throughout it was easy to make it look like a complete outfit (which for those … [Read More...]

blanket 2

I learnt a new skill!

I love learning new stuff, and whilst I know the focus of my live should be on university study, I can't help but get excited because I learnt a new creative skill!   I have made granny square blankets before, but the tensions have never been great and they never looks properly finished. But at last I get it!   I trawled you tube for some tutorial videos and fell in love with Bella Coco. Easy to understand, instructions that make sense and a lovely lady to lead you through the techniques! Just what I needed. If you want to learn more, she is definitely worth a … [Read More...]


From the cradle to the grave

You know what? The NHS isn't perfect! There you go I said it. They make mistakes, they get things wrong sometimes and they're not always able to mend what is broken. But what they do is amazing given the constant put downs, budget cuts, staff shortages and generalised bitching from the public and the powers that be. There are news reports everywhere at the moment about issues with our local hospital. Splashed across the papers and TV news, accusations of poor practice, rumours turned into truth simply because it has been repeated often enough.  I'm not to going to dignify any of them … [Read More...]

Questions and Answers

Some time ago (well a couple of weeks!) The very lovely Sonya, my old goth brain twin tagged me in a blog post to answer some silly questions and I have finally got around to answering them and tagging others in turn. What was the first record you ever bought?  Ermmmmm I know I'm supposed to remember this as a major milestone in my life, but I'm struggling to remember. I think maybe it was Stevie Wonder, but god knows which one! Does that make me a bad person? What is your favourite biscuit? Without a doubt a ginger crunch cream if we're talking shop bought, of course with a large … [Read More...]