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That special light from the sky

There's a very special light you get from windows in the ceiling, you can't replicate it any other way, and I wish we had the opportunity to use it in our house. A light that automatically seems to lift you spirits and make you smile! We stayed in a holiday house in Norfolk which had windows in the kitchen ceiling and it felt like you were cooking outside - one of favourite things to do in good weather! Even on grey and overcast days the room seemed cheerful and welcoming. I love the idea of lying in bed in the morning and watching the sun and the clouds pass overhead. Warm and cosy … [Read More...]

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Music to run to

This running lark is tough. The weather isn't helping to be honest, there is little incentive to put my running shoes on and slog out in the rain, so for now I am confined to swimming and gym classes, at least until the rain stops (we are currently planning building an ark!) But I have found the thing that really helps is to have the right  music to listen to. Something to encourage my pace, to lift my spirits, to keep my poor old knees going! And what is it that puts one foot in front of the other? Wells it's an eclectic mix now I look at all together, I wonder what it says about … [Read More...]


Prepare yourself for a rant!

I was going to apologise at the beginning of this post - but you know I'm not going to! I have nothing to apologise for in my opinion! I had the radio on in the background the other day whilst I was going through the fabric cupboard, such a mistake! I knew I shouldn't have done it - that it was only going to make me cross, but OMG!  This programme seriously needs to get it's self out of the 1950's ! Their latest theme is chorewars, this ridiculous and divisive conversation about who does the most housework. And it's just ridiculous, why are people so hung on this crap? "I do so much … [Read More...]


What Are Banks Doing to Fight Fraud?

It’s a beautiful sunny day and you have decided to spend it in the park with your friends. You quickly pop to the ATM machine on your way to take out some money to buy an ice cream but something is not right. Your bank balance is showing up as zero. You should have more than £300 in there. Shouldn’t you? Sure you could have lost track of a few pennies here and there but not that much. What’s going on? You take your card out and try again. You enter your pin and hit balance. The pause between screens is excruciating. You’re holding your breath, as if this small sacrifice will somehow make … [Read More...]