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Oh You Pretty Things, the heirloom edition

Welcome to week 2 of Oh You Pretty Little Things this week - the heirloom edition! I couldn't decide whether I should share an heirloom or whether I should come up with something which in time will become an heirloom for my children - or maybe both! When we lost my mum we all had something of hers and I like to think that in time it will go on to my daughter. It has no value to anyone else, it wouldn't make money in an auction, but to me it's priceless, the story of my mum on holiday and the story of gifts from her family while they travelled...Her charm bracelet There are so many … [Read More...]

How do I title this post ?

I can't think of a title for this post, not without swearing so hard none of you would read beyond it. I just don't have the words to describe my feelings in the few brief syllables allowed in the title box that wordpress gives me. Equally I don't really know who I am most angry at - the judge or the teacher! Apologies if my language starts to slip and I cause offence. But this is my opinion - and only that, no one elses, just mine and I'm pissed off! The recent judgement in the case of Stuart Kerner and his 16 year old pupil makes my fucking blood boil! (ooops slipped up … [Read More...]

xmas present

Oh You Pretty Things – The Christmas present episode

Back to normal life now, my babies have returned to their own homes, the decorations are packed away in the loft and the heated debate about Cadburys Creme Eggs have started (will save that post for another ranty Friday maybe!)  So my Brain twin Sonya and I decided we should try being real grown up bloggers, with linkys and lists and a regular schedule and everything, yes I can here you all laughing at the concept - I mean us - grown ups - yeah right! And here it is - Pretty things! So this is it, a weekly link up showing us the best (or maybe worst) or your treasures, share the story … [Read More...]


Fun and Frugality — Saving On Family Days Out in 2015

After the extravagance of the festive season, one resolution many families are making for 2015 is to be more frugal with their finances. Thankfully, this needn’t be at the expense of spending quality time together. The benefit of living in our tech-driven era — a little virtual bargain-hunting can divulge a multitude of opportunities to save money on family days out! Plan in advance If you want to get the most for your money on a day trip with the kids, plan your itinerary at least a couple of weeks in advance. You'll give yourself time to wangle advance fares on public transport for a snip, … [Read More...]

me and mine

Me and Mine.

We haven't joined in this link up for a while, mostly because it so hard to get everyone in the same place at the same time! So we got close on Christmas day  - everyone (minus  Benana Custard - Bernards other half - so we had to make do with a picture of him on a phone!)   As usual with my lot - totally unable to get a picture without someone pulling a silly face, but I think that's part of their charm.     Hope you all had a good Christmas and we wish you all a very peaceful and prosperous  new year. And we hope you'll come back over the coming months to … [Read More...]