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Empty nest survival guide number 1

Well we survived the first month on our own!   We have remembered to eat proper meals at proper times - which is quite a shock to everyone in the family to be honest! We have been out in public - on our a pub no less! We have stayed up late - even on a school night! And slept in at the weekends! Now to anyone who has spent time with us over the last 20 years you'll know that late nights & mornings and a pub is a huge deal! This whole empty nest stuff isn't bad at all! Don't get me wrong - I still have a knot in my stomach when I think about the fact … [Read More...]

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Away With You, Jack Frost!” — Preparing Your Home For the Cold

Winter is coming, and who knows how long it will stay once it grips the imaginations of the local weather stations in its icy fist. Every year, grim prognostications about impending cold snaps, freezing pipes and people being snowed in for weeks are spouted by the media, and it becomes easy to just switch off. But there are a few things you can do this fall to save fuel, pain and expense when hard weather hits, so pay attention, if only for long enough to read these quick-fire precautions. Cozy up indoors It’s all too easy to fire up the central heating when the air gets nippy, but with … [Read More...]

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Siblings – October

I haven't joined in this siblings link up for such a long time, but it's tough getting both my babies in the same place at the same time these days!   So this month I have snatched an image they took themselves! Bernard is now settled at university, and last weekend we all joined her there for my birthday. Splosh & Irish baby arrived the day before us, so they got have a real sibling catch up before their boring old parents turned up! And this was the instagram caption to the picture - Bad nights sleep on a bus in my work clothes , going to the wrong station and … [Read More...]

Why Invasive Ultrasound is so Important

Having any type of test run can be nerve wracking. Whether it is a painless MRI or something more complicated like a colonoscopy, hearing that you need to undergo such a procedure is often not a pleasant experience. But whether it is for regular screening and prevention or to diagnose a complication, medical testing is necessary for our well-being—invasive ultrasounds included. When you think of ‘invasive’, it is not uncommon to cringe. Just the name ‘invasive ultrasound’ makes a lot of people want to turn on their heels and avoid the troublesome thought all together. But the necessity of … [Read More...]