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Siblings – August

I know it's late in the month to join in the link up with Lucy at Dear Beautiful, but we've been waiting for our family holiday to catch a snap of my two lovelies in the same place! University, distance and work commitments have kept them apart since Christmas and so we've had no opportunity to join in since then. It turns out the Lake District is about the half way point between us all and so we all met up for a week, to have some serious family time. It always makes me smile that no matter how long they have been apart these two always slip back into their sibling relationship as … [Read More...]


Can camping be romantic?

I made the mistake of listening to Woman's hour yesterday morning - I should have known better really - it is just such a load of old nonsense. The topic under discussion was whether camping could be romantic - and quite honestly I was banging head against the desk with frustration at the silly woman they featured - according to her camping can be a recipe for cystitis, while watching someone "hunched over like a prawn, dousing themselves with a wet wipe" Her patronising tone claiming that whilst it can be charming and pastoral, it can also get you too close to someone else's undercarriage, … [Read More...]


Things I learnt about meteor watching

The news is full of meteors showers this week, how best to watch them, which direction to face, weather conditions, etc etc etc. Well we decided to read half the instructions, make a last minute decision, and stumble through it as we usually do - so here is our our handy tips for meteor watching!   1. Plan in advance for meteor watching, making a decision at 10pm that it might be fun to have a go often leads to missed meteors and a cold arse. 2. Check before it gets dark how to open any ladders required for reaching you preferred viewing platform - doing in the dark can lead … [Read More...]

tower 1

A Tudor Tourist weekend in London

I'm not the greatest fan of visiting our nations capital, huge crowds and busy streets aren't my idea of a fun weekend. But I was convinced this weekend to go along with Badger to see the  Tudor Joust at the Tower of London, and seeing as he was taking part - it was rude not to go along! And what a show it was! Past pleasures & Griffin Historical put on a great show. Beautiful costumes and amazing horsemanship gave the audience a really good days entertainment! And as for the city itself -  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! Whilst it was of course heaving with people and very … [Read More...]


Summer’s nearly here!

My Facebook timeline is full of people counting down the days until the holidays start. Summer's nearly here! Parents filled with dread at the thought entertaining their little darlings for 6 weeks - the school staff holding their breath until they can finally relax!     In our house? well it's rather an odd summer for Badger and I. We are stumbling towards the last day of term, bleary eyed, longing for next week, when we can turn the alarm clocks off and put our feet up! But it's also tinged with a little sadness this year, this is our first summer with a properly … [Read More...]