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Summer’s nearly here!

My Facebook timeline is full of people counting down the days until the holidays start. Summer's nearly here! Parents filled with dread at the thought entertaining their little darlings for 6 weeks - the school staff holding their breath until they can finally relax!     In our house? well it's rather an odd summer for Badger and I. We are stumbling towards the last day of term, bleary eyed, longing for next week, when we can turn the alarm clocks off and put our feet up! But it's also tinged with a little sadness this year, this is our first summer with a properly … [Read More...]

bob new floor

The perils of DIY

I do love our house - it's secluded garden, lovely big bathroom and huge range cooker, But the floors have caused some stress this year! We have really lovely wooden floors downstairs and this year we had to take on the mammoth task of sanding and re-staining the dining room, which is rather a walkway from the front door to the kitchen, as well as the best place for Bob to lay to insure maximum attention and trip hazard! So every stick of furniture packed and stacked in the front room, belt sander, wood stain, brushes, face masks and plenty of chocolate purchased. Of course the … [Read More...]


Managing Family Finances

Managing the family finances is something that I used to tend to view as a chore, a necessary chore, but a chore all the same. Don’t get me wrong, I did what I needed to do to keep on top of the finances, but it was something I’d dread, put off, and usually avoid at all costs. A few years ago, however, I made it my new years resolution to give my finances a proper overhaul and get into some really good habits (habits that I hope I’ve been able to pass on to my children). Here are some of the tips I’ve learnt along the way that I find really useful when it comes to managing my family’s … [Read More...]


Empty nest travels

The "adults" in the Keynko collective have been planning! It's not as dangerous as it sound really - we're not going to take over the world...well this week anyway! But we have been plotting our holiday options and have decided to relive the dream we discussed all those hundreds of years ago before we had our babies - to have a camper-van and just hit the road! As we both work in education we have a whole summer holidays to fill (not to mention the half terms and Easter) So we have made the decision to save a little cash, sell the car and buy ourselves a little van to convert to a … [Read More...]


A weekend by the sea

To celebrate my first month in my new job, we decided to hit the road and have a weekend away. So picnic packed, toothbrushes and clean socks in bag, we set off. Portsmouth here we come! And what a wonderful time we had!       Well worth a visit, personal recommendation from us would be:- The Park & Ride - trust me the one way system looks seriously tricky! The D-day museum & Overlord Embroidery The Millennium Promenade  - a lovely trail to  follow from Southsea back to the Historic Dockyard. But just about the best bit... Fish … [Read More...]