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Liquid gold – of the the olive variety

There is nothing quite as nice a good Mediterranean  lunch, good bread, cheese, fruit, you know the deal! And I am lucky enough to have added some liquid gold to my lunch and  cooking this week. A beautiful little parcel from the very wonderful farmers of Italy - a precious commodity - grown with love - their very beautiful cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. And not the usual blended stuff from the supermarket, but fresh off the tree, in a press and bottled, trust me it's like nothing you've bought off a shelf!   I have to admit to being a little naive about oil in the … [Read More...]

fabric cupboard

Spring must be in the air!

I think I need some help! I've started cleaning things! And not just little things, but all the big stuff, the oven, behind things and under things and...wait for it... I can barely bring myself to even say it.......throwing things away! I can't believe I even said that out loud and when you know which cupboard I've cleared out you'll be disgusted with me! You see, I cleared out the fabric cupboard! there I said it and breathe. I even threw things away, 3 whole bin bags of of junk and rubbish! Piles of stuff to be recycled, things to pass on to someone who will use it, and … [Read More...]


Sir Ranulph Fiennes and the Marathon des Sables

When I was offered the chance to meet Sir Ranulph Fiennes, the worlds greatest living explorer, there was no hesitation in my mind - this was an opportunity not to be missed! His catalogue of amazing feats is well known - mountains, both poles, marathons, world records, I could go on but I'm sure you know what he has done already!   This year sees a new challenge - to complete what may be the toughest race in the world - The Marathon des Sables. A six day endurance run across Morocco......156 miles in the dessert heat! I can't even begin to imagine, there aren't words really … [Read More...]


Nuka Cola Vending Machine

Fallout Nuka Cola Vending Machine.(BUILD ……………………PAINT in Part 2) After the phenomenal number of views and comments when Splosh threw this up on reddit I thought I’d better put together a quick build blog. Unfortunately it looks like I may of lost most of the in process pictures whilst “tidying” up files so build photos are a bit thin on the ground. Vault 57 is the reason this madness was even entered into, it’s an annual non-profit LRP (Live Role-play) game set in the Fallout universe to the Northwest of the Capital Wasteland. Having been involved for a couple of years making props … [Read More...]


Are you a friend?

I spent a long time looking after people in hospital, broken legs, operations, long term chest conditions to name a few. But nothing was quite as tough to deal with as a patient, with a dementia diagnosis! Not that they were awful people or that I felt no compassion for them, quite the opposite.  As nursing staff you are trained and spend you whole day "curing" people of their illnesses. And there is no cure for dementia - and that sucks! So we did whatever we could to make their stay as easy as possible, dealt with the condition which had brought them in and get them home to their own … [Read More...]