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Have yourself a smelly little Christmas

There is nothing like smell to trigger mood and memory. Estate agents will tell you that it can be vital in selling your house, you've heard it all, have fresh coffee brewing, bake bread to make your house smell enticing. And they are right, I love it when my house is filled with the smell of home cooking. But what about when the oven is off ? What about using smell to relax? I love nothing more than a long bubble bath, and having a scented candle in the bathroom can really help to set a relaxing mood and it's a vital part of my regime - along with a good book, cup of tea and … [Read More...]


Saying It Like It Is — Understanding Broadband

Confusing at it might be at first, there’s no need to be bamboozled by tech jargon when looking for a broadband package. Although there are specific terms to look out for, when it comes to family Internet deals the word you should keep an eye out for is “unlimited.” Internet service providers have been drastically reducing their prices in a bid to beat the competition. As a result, there are some great deals available if you’re looking to get online. Family Internet usage Prices today for family broadband packages are inexpensive, but this doesn’t mean you should just pick the lowest … [Read More...]

A healthy Christmas to you all!

Have you ever had flu? Not the stinking head cold that people often mistake for flu, but real full blown, can't get out of bed, think you're going to die flu? I have, some years ago now, but I remember how crappy I felt. Christmas eve was hazy, a temperature, sore head and aching joints. Christmas day I remember nothing, not even my baby girl being taken to A&E with a suspected broken arm! Boxing day passed me by with few if any memories and by the time I was awake again on the 27th, both my babies had the germ as well! My husband tells me I was crying with the pain in my back, that he … [Read More...]


Gift Giving Done Right!

It’s finally turned December and everybody’s favourite holiday is only just around the corner! With so many people to get gifts for and an insane number of choices of presents out there however, the act of gift giving can be quite bewildering; after all, who wouldn’t want Christmas to be an unforgettable holiday for everyone they know? To help along your gifting experience, we thought it appropriate to provide some tips on how to give the best gifts this Christmas! Do It Yourself! One of the best ways to really make someone smile this Christmas is to hark back to your school days and … [Read More...]


Time for a Christmas tipple I think!

So it's December, the month of lists. Lists to Father Christmas for our presents Lists of food we need to cook in advance of the big day Lists of presents we need to buy for other people Christmas card lists Lists of things we forgot to put on other lists And the list of lists so we don't forget to check things of the first list which is cross referenced to the second and third list.......   Aaarrrggggghhhhhhhh!   Sorry, calm moment....deep breath.....and exhale. Christmas doesn't have to be like this, it should be a fun time to spend with family, enjoying good … [Read More...]