Goodness me how we’ve changed!

When my old muckah The duck that is Mummy Barrow posted a picture of her 20 years ago it made me wonder what we have of us from those dim dark times!

Now there is one, a party, green hair, an inflatable hammer and a Glaswegian beauty therapist – and no I’m not sharing it here – I haven’t asked her, it doesn’t belong to me and I’m not sure I can explain what description I’ve just given! But those of you who were there will know what I’m talking about…..lets just leave it!

So a picture of me 20 years ago? Well i found one although it took a while. We didn’t have a camera a the time and so there aren’t many, and as is usual for many mummy’s when we did take pictures I was usually behind the camera –  but here it is

20 years ago

So 20 (summer of 1992 – I think) years ago Me, Splosh and my old man Badger. Visiting friends in Yorkshire on the birth of their baby.

What were we doing? Well we were living about 500 yards from where we do now actually, Badger was running a local games store, and I was  stay at home mummy with my Splosh. That autumn we celebrated my 21 birthday and our 2nd wedding anniversary.

It’s been so amazing to see everyones #20yearsago pictures. So many changes and so much growing up has been done.  Although I kinda wish I still had scarlet hair!

Come on – dig out some pictures and join in the blog hop!


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