Me and mine – End of the year!

dear beautiful
It’s been a while since we joined in with this link, but we don’t often get everyone in the same house, and when we do it’s hectic round of visiting relatives and cramming as much family time in as we can!
So I tried to plan a slot this time to squeeze in a family picture, not just a silly selfie like we did before, but a proper staged shot……. I should have know better with my lot shouldn’t I ?
We couldn’t get beyond sitting on the sofa to plan it before the laughter started! And of course the boys being….well them really.
Oh what the hell! who cares, I love this picture anyway!
My family – Bernard, Badger, me, Splosh and Irish baby!
Because that’s the best bit of news this holidays!
Irish baby is now officially one of this lovely loony family, because my boy Splosh  in the most romantic and wonderful way, proposed on Christmas Eve and she accepted!
So welcome to the gang my darling girl! x x x x x x


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